Online Photo Booth & Video Guest Book for Virtual Events

Online Photo Booth & Virtual Video Guest Book

Looking for virtual party ideas?

Whether you are planning an intimate micro wedding or elopement, hosting a virtual awards show, celebrating life milestones of loved ones, celebrating a birthday online, hosting a virtual zoom meeting or conference or a virtual holiday party the Magical Mirror's virtual party ideas are a great addition to your event. 

Don't sacrifice on the memories due to a reduced in-person guest count, receive still photos, GIF's, boomerangs & video messages from everyone you love and care about regardless of their location. How about running a contest using our live reveal mosaic feature? Want to boost your zoom meeting attendee engagement? Check out the user experience of all of our online photo booth options below and ask us about the amazing online entertainers we have partnered with. 

Magical Mirror Photo Booth is pleased to provide 5 different types of virtual photo booth services. 

1 - The full Magic Mirror Photo Booth experience virtuallyFully incorporate & integrate the magic of mirror booth software using a zoom meeting or other conference platform. Great for any meeting or event using Zoom. 

2. Virtual Photo Booth (still photos, GIF's, boomerangs) with slideshow 

3. Online Digital Mosaic Picture Creator with the live-build view which is great for contests!

4. Virtual Web-Based Video Guest Book with slideshow

5. Upscale online photo booth (branding/analytics/animated backgrounds/digital green screen)

Want to use more than 1 service or completely customize your landing page? No problem we can do that too!

If you'd like to view our packages or would like more information please get in touch with us

Providing the same high-quality, custom-designed service you're used to receiving with the Magical Mirror Photo Booth for weddings, parties & events but in a totally virtual way with our cost-effective online photo booth and video guest book services. 

Memories created with loved ones at gatherings will always be one of the things we all hold dearest to our hearts, in today's pandemic state, we have seen a shift in the wedding industry and see more couples eloping or planning micro weddings.  While they are planning these smaller intimate weddings they don't want to sacrifice making memories and having fun.

The online photo booth is a custom-designed experience and is perfect for guests who are with you in person and those who wish they could be to send you photos, GIF's, boomerangs & video messages using any device with an internet connection. 

The services are super easy to use, guests of all ages will be able to have fun from any mobile device or laptop using a web link or by scanning a QR code; examples of the services can be accessed by clicking any of the links above in the numbered area of options. 

We can also set you up with a video guest book, it functions exactly the same way as our online photo booth but with video clips instead of photos. 

How about using your engagement photo or company logo and using all of the submitted photos to create a mosaic photo? 

Your friends and family can submit as many photos as they would like to the mosaic photo creator, the more the better as they will all contribute to the final result. Once the countdown is completed we will provide you with a high-quality, high-resolution, downloadable, printable mosaic photo. As a bonus, we will also make sure you get all the individual photos that were submitted to help build the master mosaic photo result. 

The virtual video guest book, the online photo booth, and the mosaic photo creator can be used as stand-alone products or as add ons to any live event. Your guests can take photos at any time throughout your event, upload them and even print them onsite. 

Some other features include:

  • Download / Print / Delete any photos published by your guests
  • Still photos, GIF's, boomerangs, & 20-second videos
  • No restriction of times of use
  • Photos delivered to your guests with a personalized message from you via email and/or SMS directly from the online photo booth
  • LIVE slideshow link of all event submissions, display your slideshow on a screen during your event
  • Customized home page for the online photo booth, the virtual video guest book & the mosaic photo creator
  • Custom video guest book slideshow with music provided post-event
  • Digital green screen background replacement available. 

The green screen option is great for themed events or for corporate events to keep the branding message front and center where a step & repeat backdrop isn’t an option. 

These online photo booths, video guest book & mosaic photo creator services are a bit different than the mirror photo booth rental that we deliver at live events; ok it’s a lot different! But what hasn’t changed is how much fun your attendees and guests will love sharing their photos and the 5-star service you will get while working with the Magical Mirror Photo Booth company.